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Totally The Ordinary

So, like most of us, when January rolls around I snap back to the reality that I have neglected a few things over the Christmas period. For me, the main offender is my skin. I am kindly reminded that my makeup-free face looks 'unwell' or 'tired' (thanks mum!) and I have heard more than enough!

After some research on makeup groups, beauty blogs and retailers such as Just My Look and Beauty Bay, I came across a brand called "The Ordinary" which is under the umbrella of DECIEM. A lot of their products focus on treating complexion issues, such as dark circles, skin texture and pigmentation. The products seem to be unanimously 4-5 star rated across all websites and platforms which seems unfathomable considering their price range is roughly £3-£30.

The products I picked are as follows:

- Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG -£5.80 - for dark circles and puffiness - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning solution - £6.80 - for skin tone and texture - Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% - £5.50 - for dullness and uneven tone

As you can imagine, I have been eagerly awaiting the delivery so I can start to improve my skincare routine, and in turn, my face! However, not a single bottle was opened, instead, the inner photographer in me took over and decided it was time for a photo shoot. I have never attempted product photography but thought I could learn along the way.

I used a canvas with two backdrop clips either side to make a stand and clipped a piece of crumpled tinfoil to the front to set the scene. I used a wooden board underneath the tinfoil to lift it up from the worktop slightly, this was to help me get the correct angle of the shot I had in mind. Finally, I set a light right overhead of the space and a ring light directly in front. I hoped this would eliminate most shadows and it did seem to do just that. Also, using a reflective material for a backdrop significantly helped to reduce the unsightly shadows.

Behind the Scenes

I wanted to keep the look of the shoot fairly minimalistic and bright, similar to the packaging. I didn't take many shots but I quite like the outcome:

I did a small amount of editing in Photoshop and Lightroom to sharpen them up, stretch out the backdrop and to give them a split tone effect.

Now i have taken pictures, I can get back to getting the skin of my dreams!


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