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So, once in a while I come across photos of ink being dropped into water and always want to give it a go myself. I knew somewhere in one of my art boxes that I would have some nearly-empty Windsor and Newton inks which would be ideal as they are highly pigmented and not going to cost me anything!

I set up my light tent, which is just a little white cube, mainly used for product photography and set a light up on either side of it. I used a tub upside down to boost the glass up to where I could see it directly through the lens. I did this so I could rest my elbows on the table top instead of using a tripod which would have been too bulky for the space we had. I used a spoon to set my focus manually, right where I was about to drop the ink. I got my boyfriend to pour it out onto a teaspoon and drop it directly into the glass. I was sure I had a pipette somewhere in the house but couldn't find it which would have given us more ways to experiment but I am fairly pleased with our first attempts!

Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas I should try for next time, drop me a comment!



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