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Where do we start?

When planning a photo shoot, the more information you can provide to begin with will mean I am able to book you in more quickly. You may only have a basic idea of what you are looking to accomplish, however, you may have themes, colour schemes, outfits or props that you are looking to incorporate. I have an array of backdrops, decorations and props you are welcome to use at no extra cost. We can discuss this further on the phone or via email and make a plan of action for the session.

What types of photo shoot do you offer?


I specialise in portraiture, whether that be on location or in a studio setting. If you have a project in mind that does not fall into the categories you see in my gallery, please feel free to drop me a message so we can discuss it. I have photographed a broad array of people of different backgrounds, ages and body types and there are beautiful outcomes to be created with all of the above! If you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, I will endeavour help you feel relaxed and positive about your session (there is nothing a cuppa and a chat cannot remedy!)


Will you travel to me?

At this current time I am unable to travel for newborn, cake smash or studio portraits as these all require more equipment than I can take with me! For modelling on location I am happy to travel, although my transportation expenses will be added to the bill. 


What do I need to bring to a photo shoot?

For all sessions you will need to bring the outfits or props you wish to use. For modelling sessions, most will bring makeup to touch up on arrival or during the shoot.  

What do I need to bring for a cake smash photo shoot?

For cake smash I ask you to bring the cake of your choice to avoid any issues regarding allergies and so you have something that meets your requirements. This also includes any decorations or candles to go on top. You will also need a change of clothes and wipes for baby, as it gets pretty messy! 

For children of this age, anything that helps to distract them or make them laugh and smile is a great help too! This may be toys, videos and songs on your phone or snacks. We know they won’t have a super long attention span and anything to keep them in a good mood will mean better photos.


How long will the session last?

Headshot sessions take 90 minutes, start to finish.

Modelling generally takes 90 min–3 hours depending on your requirements and whether you have an array of outfits or locations to work through.

Newborn and cake smash generally last around 3 hours. This includes putting finishing touches on the set to meet your requirements, making baby feel comfortable in the new environment, changing outfits and shooting. This time may include a short break to keep baby happy and smiling while we shoot. A follow up session will be arranged to view images and select which you would like to keep.


Pricing and Payment

Each package comes with 3 beautifully edited images that are ready to use. These will come in the form of digital copies so they are ready to be uploaded to social media and will be perfect to print at a later date if you so choose. Every additional image you select will be a further £10 per item. If the session exceeds the allocated time, an additional £30 will be charged per half an hour.

Headshots + 3 retouched images - 90min


Bespoke modelling session + 3 retouched images - 2hr


will be priced according to duration and requirements, which will be discussed beforehand.

Newborn, cake smash and kids session + 3 retouched images - 3hr



When you book in, you will be asked to pay a deposit via Paypal – this will be 50% of the value of the package (session + 3 images) and is non refundable. Sessions can be rearranged up to 2x, but after this you would be expected to pay the deposit again in order to proceed with the photo shoot. On arrival, you will be asked to sign a contract stating the terms of our agreement.

To view a sample of the contract, click here.

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